Samson truly has a Heart Of Gold. This sweet boy lives to please. With his strong bond and gentle, loving nature he is the Ultimate Best Friend. He is a wonderful mix of well behaved quiet boy around the house and high energy athelete who always tries to do his best and gives 110% when asked. Samson happily trains in Obedience, Agility and his favourite of all Retrieving.

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Cracker was chosen for his outstanding ability for obedience training and then promptly showed his new owner how much he still had to learn about training dogs. Cracker learned all his exercises quickly and then forgot almost everything as soon as he went into the competition ring. In spite of this he went on to earn his Companion Dog title at one year of age of age, his Novice title by two years, and with a lot of work and some luck he finished his Utility Dog title and became and Obedience Trial Champion in September 2011. he has since gone on to complete his American Kennel Club titles and now his United Kennel Club titles as well.

Along the way Cracker also competed in Rally O where he achieved the highest level possible in Canada along a Rally novice with UKC and the AKC.

Cracker is more than just a successful trial dog, he is a loving member of his family and a dedicated companion. He also works 5 days a week as a demonstration dog at Tri Mark Canine Services Obedience classes and travels with with his owner on business trips, around Ontario. Cracker is also a true companion to our son Sean, a friend, a loyal partner and virtual service dog for his special needs. This is what Goldens are all about!

Obedience Trial Champion in 2011.

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Gordon easily completed his Canadian Championship and has gone on to be a father of several Labyrinth litters with Torrent and Phoenix. He passes on his great temperament as well as his looks and personality.

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St. John Ambulance knows there are few things in life that inspire as much joy in people as a wet nose and a wagging tail. Research has shown that visits from Therapy Dogs help people recover more quickly from surgery, and strokes and can reduce feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety associated with an illness. The unconditional love of a Therapy Dog can also assist with prescribed therapy and lowering blood pressure. Each of the dogs in the program is carefully evaluated to ensure the best temperament for the task.

As a very active member of the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program, Roxy regularly visits the VON Seniors Day Out Program, Birmingham Lodge and a Group Home in Mount Forest as well as Caressant Care Nursing and Retirement Home & Community Living Minto in Harriston where she shares her love with so many beautiful people! On occasion she also visits patients in the Mount Forest Hospital. She is quite capable of discerning what needs to be done to make someone feel good! She can shake their hands, do a High-5, say 'Thank You' or 'I love you!" and she can even wave 'Bye Bye' as we leave. We have seen people's faces light up with joy, she has left smiles on the faces of people who were depressed when we arrived. We have seen incredible changes in many from when we first started visiting.

Roxy totally lives up to the Therapy Dog Motto: "Change tears into smiles...and help the forgotten to laugh"

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Karma is from our last Legacy litter and a full sister to our girl Salsa. This summer she completed her show championship in only three shows. She is a great family member and shares her home with Cracker.

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Mulligan and his owner Jenny are proud to have joined the ranks of St John's Ambulance Therapy Dogs after qualifying with the program. He can be seen here on his first assignment, Working hard and being a happy Golden.

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