I, Nancy Bongard (the breeder) agree to sell to:

(the purchaser)

for the sum of ___________________, one pure bred Golden Retriever puppy as described below:

Sex: ______________ Dewormed on: __________________
Colour: ____________ Initial Vaccination: _______________
Age: _______________  
CKC Registration number (microchip ID): _______________________________

I also agree to transfer the legal ownership of this dog to you and register the transfer with the Canadian Kennel club (CKC). I will provide you with the individual registration certificate after it has been delivered to me by the CKC.

I warrant that your dog is in good health, free from communicable disease and internal parasites, has recently been examined by a qualified veterinarian and is of sound temperament when given to you. You are requested to have your own veterinarian examine the dog and confirm its health within 72 hours of the purchase. I agree to reimburse you for reasonable medical expenses incurred by you to treat any disease or parasite which in the opinion of a veterinarian has infected the dog while it was in my possession, providing I am notified at the time of diagnosis and given the option of treating the dog at a clinic of my choice. Once the puppy is in your possession, all veterinary bills other than as indicated are your sole responsibility.

I further warrant that I have made all reasonable efforts to ensure your dog is free from hereditary health problems. If your dog develops hereditary hip or eye disease before it is two years old, that renders it unsuitable to the purpose for which it was acquired, I will at my option provide a replacement puppy or a refund of some or all of the purchase price. The original dog must be returned to me along with all registration certificates, papers and medical records. Conditions covered by this warranty are blinding eye defects ( as certified by a canine opthamologist) and grade 2 or worse hip displasia (as certified by OVC or OFA). The opinion of my veterinarian or qualified OVC staff shall be final. The purchaser must notify the breeder immediately of any condition that may result in a claim against the breeder.

No further warranty is expressed or implied.

All dogs are sold on a non breeding contract that may only be altered at the discretion of myself, my heirs or successors.

The purchaser will maintain the dog in good physical and emotional health by providing shelter, nutrition, grooming and medical care including annual vaccinations.

The purchaser will feed the dog a quality dog food suitable to the dogs nutritional requirements and will maintain the dog at a suitable weight. Overweight or underweight dogs are more likely to have health problems and such a condition during the dogs life will void the breeders warranty.

The purchaser will ensure adequate physical exercise and activity, but must not allow the dog to run at large without the supervision of a responsible adult. Neither will the dog be left chained or tied out or denied human companionship. Excessive hard physical training, road work or confinement to a crate for long periods of time will not be allowed.

The purchaser will take the dog to a recognized obedience training class before one year of age.

The purchaser will keep the breeder advised of the purchaser's current address and phone number and will notify the breeder within one month of any change in address or phone number. The breeder reserves the right to visit the purchaser and verify the condition of the dog.

The purchaser must never allow the dog to be used for experimental or research purposes at any time during the dogs life.

The purchaser must notify the breeder if for any reason he cannot or will not keep the dog any longer. The purchaser may not sell, trade, donate, give away, co-own, euthanize or part with your dog in any way without notifying the breeder and granting the breeder first right of refusal to take back the dog. The purchaser must then supply and sign over ownership of the dog and provide all health records and clearances to the breeder. If the breeder agrees to other disposition of the dog, the purchaser must advise the breeder with full name, address and phone number of the new owner. The new owner must agree to abide by the conditions of this original contract.

Failure to abide by the conditions of this contract will void any warranty on the part of the breeder.

The signatures below attest that the parties have read, understood and agree to abide by the terms of this contract in its entirety. Violation of these terms by the purchaser gives the breeder the right to repossess the dog and to immediately have the ownership and non breeding agreement signed back over to the breeder.


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