For thousands of years, people have selected dogs as companions because they provide loyalty, friendship, pleasure, unconditional love and a feeling of security. Although these time-honoured reasons still compel us to become dog owners, people today have many more challenges to face than previous generations. Time, energy and money are limited resources and proper dog ownership requires a good portion of each of these be spent on our companions.

The Canadian Dog Owner's Companion has been written to provide a crystal ball for the novice to see his or her future as a dog owner. In this book we examine the history and nature of dogs; the human-canine bond; owner evaluation; the pros and cons of puppies, adult dogs and shelter dogs; health issues and effective, humane training methods and problem-solving tips. Prospective owners will not only gain an understanding of the most important aspect of dog ownership, but they will receive the guidance and advice needed to make informed choices to keep their dogs healthy and happy. Available from bookstores across Canada and The Canadian Kennel Club (1-800-250-8040)

The Perfect Puppy
Gwen Bailey
Mother Knows Best
Carol Benjamin
Dog Behavior (Why Dogs Do What They Do)
Ian Dunbar
The Loved Dog:
Teach Your Dog Good Behaviour

Tamar Geller
Good Owners, Great Dogs
Brian Kilcommons
MetroDog (for city dwelling pups and dogs)
Brian Kilcommons
My Smart Puppy
Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson
The Art of Raising a Puppy
Monks of New Skete
Child Proofing Your Dog
Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson
How To Be Your Dog's Best Friend
Monks of New Skete
Train Your Dog, Change Your Life
Maureen and Garry Ross
How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With
Rutherford, Clarice & David Neil
Puppy Training for Kids
Sarah Whitehead
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