Our 19th Annual Puppy Party was a hit, it made the pages of Hello Canada Magazine with a big picture of the dogs and people. We are looking forward to one more year and one more party this September.

We began this tradition in 1993 as an opportunity to reunite with all our puppies and their new families. It's a chance to meet litter mates and parents of the dog. Our dogs and owners have come from all over Southern Ontario and even from as far away as Michigan. We have even had families visit from England and Scotland to join in the fun and games.

We welcome everyone who has ever owned a Labyrinth puppy to spend the day with us as we sit back, socialize, and play games; including an obstacle course and retrieving games. The dogs will also get a chance to go for a swim in the pond nearby. The sight of 20-30 dogs in the water at one time is pretty impressive.

We end the day with a barbecue and pot luck dinner before a bunch of tired but happy dogs head for home. And in spite of the many families there, everyone seems to end up with the right dog to take home.

1   40 plus Goldens all taking turns lying on their backs with their back legs spread.
2   Someone reaching into their pocket for a Kleenex and 45 Goldens promptly assuming the sit position in front of this person waiting for a treat. - the first 5 will be stepping ( unwittingly) on this persons toes.
3   If there is any food, anywhere within a three mile radius a Golden will find it and immediately become deaf to being called - until the food is eaten. The dog will then regain its hearing, return licking its mouth and looking for a treat for coming.
4   There will be 2 acres where over 50 Goldens can roam, but will play and wrestle, all within two feet of their owners.
5   When we feed our dogs- eating time will be counted in nanoseconds.
6   One dog will be humped by all the others and will be oblivious to it- no, we will not think you taught him/her that trick and no he/she definitely did not learn this at home!
7   Everyone will laugh at one dog's runway model walk – including the owner.
8   There will be no peeing in private - making us all wonder where the name "Golden" really came from.
9   Your dogs will sleep well on the ride back home.
10   You will bore your other friends with all the fun and experiences you had and they will wonder again why you are so attached to these wonderful Golden dogs.
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